Tours in Barcelona for Foodies

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Excite your senses

Join one of our English speaking guides and immerse yourself in the best dishes Barcelona has to offer. Discover the most authentic places with the best ham, deep-fried sardines and homemade paella. We take you to the best bars for food and drinks. For the professional foodies we have a unique trend tour that goes along the hotspots and Barcelona places you must have seen!

Unique vibe

What do you think of when you hear the word “Barcelona”?
Delicious marisco paella, ancient restaurants in Barceloneta, churros… But today also a hotspot in Europe for vegans and flexitarians!

The Mediterranean climate will always determine the cuisine and the scents and colours of Barcelona. The shellfish, the malt and the markets are still ingrained in the local culture.

But today, the city has become a beautiful mixture of nationalities and exotic influences. Every neighborhood in Barcelona also has its own trademark. We are happy to take you there so you can define your own favourite places.

Taste the Cava, enjoy the malt, the local gin and discover the dozens of tapas varieties that Barcelona will serve you…

Ask us for a tailor-made food tour or choose one of the tours on this page.

The trend tour in Barcelona is created for food professionals and experts who want to learn and be inspired. The other foodie tours can be booked perfectly by private and professional customers to enjoy the delicious flavours of Barcelona!

Join us and discover the most delicious and beautiful places in town. From a gastronomic level to interior and even food shopping. With respect for the craft you taste smoked, fermented and dried appetizers.

Choose as a catering company for the trend tour, a must for professionals.


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