Discover Barcelona as a couple

Private tours just for you two

Discover the unknown places and the stories behind monuments or houses with your English speaking guide. Check out our private tours or send us an email for a tailor-made experience.
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Travelling to Barcelona as a couple? Great!

Barcelona is a great city for couples. Enjoy the architecture, eat the tapas, taste the wine, stroll along the beach… There are so many things going on in this bustling city. Join your private guide in Barcelona and enjoy the best of the city! Whether you have been there several times or you want to see the Sagrada Familia, please let us know. Before the start of the visit, your guide takes time to consult you so that you can see the spots you find interesting!

It’s a good idea to book your private tour at the beginning of the holiday, so your guide can tailor the stories, tips and content to you!
During the visit there is also time for a break so that your guide can give you advice on what to do in Barcelona.

Before the start of the visit, your English speaking guide in Barcelona will give you exactly what you want to see as a couple. Whether you want to see the highlights of Barcelona or have real insider experiences. Your time is precious and it is our honor to accompany you.

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