A meeting in Barcelona

Host a meeting with your company in Barcelona

Mucho Gusto helps you organize a meeting in Barcelona tailored to your company and needs.
Barcelona is an ideal location to host professional meetings. You can find unique meeting rooms, international fairs and quality hotels. But also enjoy the bustling city to organize team buildings, invite business partners and enjoy relaxing activities afterwards.

Meetings can be both held in the city and outside the city. Think of a nice meeting room in the wine region around Barcelona, perfect to combine business with pleasure.

So bye bye musty hotel rooms, welcome open space, professional equipment and an international vibe !

Please contact us here or call Esther for a price quote and more information.
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    Take advantage of our logistics support and services

      ✓ Location spotting and reservation of unique meeting rooms in and near Barcelona
      ✓ Rental equipment such as beamer, sound amplifiers, microphone
      ✓ Refined Catering on site
      ✓ Spanish language lessons
      ✓ Organization team building after the meeting
      ✓ English speaking support 24/7
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